This One Isn’t So Eventful

Just a couple days left!

Dish 233: Squid Ink Pasta at Tre Scalini, 1915 E. Passyunk Ave

With high hopes and grumbling stomachs, Tim and I ventured to Tre Scalini last night in search of the elusive black pasta, to no avail. The restaurant was closed, presumably for the holiday. In the interest of time, we called it even and made some bolognese, but we’ll be back later in the year, when eating out is a scrumptious novelty again.

Dishes 234-236: Meatballs at Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern
Tuna Tartare at SeaBlue
Grilled Artichoke at Cafe 2825
all in Atlantic City

Sorry, no great “what happens in AC, stays in AC” style stories here– no ghostriding with Neil Diamond, skinny dipping with Cris Angel, no tigers found in the hotel room, no broken teeth, no food poisoning-roofies-mysterious tattoo scares. I simply discovered that Zagat’s recognizes AC and Philly in separate categories. So I’m going to let these dishes slide and try them later in the year, when there is a reason to visit more mouthwatering than “Kozak the Magician” and “Big Al’s Murder Mystery”.


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