THIS JUST IN: The hipster diet, revealed!

Seafood and potatoes, and more seafood, and more potatoes! And you thought they survived on booze and nicotine.

Dishes 165-173: Octopus  at Johnny Brenda’s, Frankford and Girard
Patatas Bravas at Bar Ferdinand, 1030 N. 2nd St
Tater tots at North Bowl, 2nd and Poplar
Octopus and Shrimp Pil Pil at Dmitri’s, 927 N. 2nd St.
Barbara (forfeited, truck has closed for the season) at Tex’s BBQ Truck
Chicken Dumplings at Charles Plaza, 10th and Vine
Chicken Tacos at Taqueria la Veracruzana, 9th and Washington
Yad sai mak-keur at Café du Laos, 11th and Washington

Page 2 of the original list, complete!

Northern Liberties, complete!

Atlantic City, scheduled. Old City, scheduled. Rittenhouse Square, nearly complete.

With less than 8 weeks left and 59 dishes remaining, my focus is intensifying. The end is in sight, and the victory palpable. The rate has accelerated but I am keeping pace. Like the final two miles in a satisfying long run, the edge and anxiety are long since forgotten, and only the ecstasy of running remains.

Envy, obsession, morbid fascination—call my hipster fixation what you will; by Wednesday it was apparent that I could no longer procrastinate the dishes in Northern Liberties, and with a final, silent outcry of “No excuses, play like a champion!” I suggested to Mystery Man that perhaps we throw caution to the wind and venture bravely, ironically, and somewhat apathetically into hipster territory.

The highlights of that mission and others like it:

Crispy, creamy, rich, but so intimidating!

Love Bar Ferdy! I do not feel out of place here!Spicy, hot, playful-- some of the best shrimp I've had.Bonus points for shredding the octopus so it doesn't look like octopus. Stroke of brilliance.Tots.

Also, the last luncheon with the Merry Mavens. I have enjoyed working with you so much! We had a fabulous and lengthy semi-vegetarian lunch at Charles Plaza, and here was our attempt at a group pic in front of the arch in Chinatown:

The Merry Mavens!

Then, compared notes with Gustav in South Philly– first matter of business, do blondes have more fun? Survey says: authentic style chicken tacos at Taqueria la Veracruzana, eggplant stuffed with catfish at the unexpectedly breathtaking Cafe du Laos, and chocolate cream filled Hello Panda biscuits– so, yes, we do. Obviously.

Gustav and Mexican tasties.

Can't wait to come back!

What’s on the menu for today? Recovering from the first black tie of the season and possibly some tiramisu later. The work, it never ends.


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