Previously, on “love to eat”

Previously, on “love to eat”…

Dishes 154-159: Gorgonzola gnocchi at Hostaria da Elio, 3rd and South

Steamed dumplings at Mustard Green, 2nd and South

Breakfast Taco at Honest Tom’s, 33rd and Arch most of the time

Breakfast Foccacia Sandwich at Morning Glory, 10th and South-ish

Thai Chicken Taco at Coup de Taco, 40th and Locust

Spicy Tofu Chow Fun Noodles at Koja, 38th and Chestnut

Lauren and Claudia met again after a long absence and many missed opportunities, to sample the gnocchi at Hostaria da Elio, much to the chagrin of their gravelly voiced waitress, who would much rather be waiting on the other tables in the miniature restaurant, because they were all empty. Her favorite kind.

Later, Lauren and her fellow Mavens, Sarah and Molly feasted on the scrumptious steamed dumplings of the fine Mustard Green as they plotted to overtake the ghoulish terrors of the Eastern State Penitentiary.

Tasty and portable!

They vanquished the insane prisoners with the Maven sense of humor and their new comrades, engineers from the land of Chalfont of the province Pennsylvania. The following day Lauren voyaged to the Main Line, stopping in University City upon return for nourishment and rest. The kindly king of Drexel offered servants to bathe her feet and rub them in oils, but she declined in favor of a breakfast taco at Honest Tom’s. She wondered wistfully if she made the wise decision, but it was too late to change her mind.

Dishes may be much smaller than they appear.

Our heroine rested her well-traveled stomach for a day before joining her mysterious male companion on a trek to Morning Glory, to evaluate their renowned sandwich of foccacia and breakfast. Both travelers found it quite satisfactory; after the meal, they took particular glee in a bumper sticker that appropriately read, “OINC”.


Fall festivities were to be had; MM prepared potables while a new friend assembled cupcakes to resemble spiders. (Recipes upon request.)


Today Lauren ventured again to University City to eradicate the last straggling U-City grease trucks on her hunt: Coup de Taco, which translates to “Stroke of Taco” in English, and Koja, which may mean something in French. She enjoyed these tidbits in the glow of sunshine and high SAT scores before re-mounting her subterranean steel steed, to spirit her back to the beating heart of the City of Brotherly Love.

Look! There, in the distance, those of the League of Ivy!

Spicy Tofu Chow Fun Noodles


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One Response to “Previously, on “love to eat””

  1. brian Says:

    breakfast tacos at honest tom’s are delicious!

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