On the road again!

Dish 136: Sloppy Joe at Honey’s Sit ‘N’ Eat, 4th and Brown, http://www.honeys-restaurant.com/

Readers, I have big news!

There was a bit of an uproar when I decided to let the challenge go. And I am no quitter!! So I consulted with several close advisors and, well, I can’t really tell you anything just yet, but I’m back on track and scheduled to finish right on time.

Mystery Man took me to Honey’s on Saturday to celebrate this twist of fate with Dish #136, the Sloppy Joe. He ordered like a pro, “Cuban sandwich, side of turkey bacon and a veggie latke.” The waitress laughed and said, “I can’t wait to see you try and finish that.” Pssh. MM ran 75 miles last week. He can eat.

Exhibit A: Gluttonous food order met with disbelieving look.

Our plates arrive, giant challah buns stuffed with sloppy Joe mix and pulled pork respectively, and plates heaped with dark golden fries and a massive pickle.  Wide strips of turkey bacon. A hefty triangle of fried potatoes and mealiness. The waitress walks by with a raised eyebrow. Touché. We pass the ketchup and breathe deep, steeling ourselves for the task ahead.

And before them lay a feast!

I couldn’t resist one Billy Madison reference—“just the way you like ‘em, extra shloppy!”—before diving joyously into the sweet oniony meat, just like Aunt Cheryl’s. The challah bun is fluffy and light, lending a strangely weightless feel to this dish that should be so heavy, and the fries are generous and filling, oily, crispy-crunchy. I admit the inevitable contented sigh of defeat and watch MM make a vague attempt at the second half of his sandwich before accepting the same fate. He pokes a fork across the table for a bite of sloppy Joe. He sighs, looks at the remaining half of sandwich longingly, and sighs again.

On each plate, half a sandwich and a pile of fries. Half a latke. Some pickle. Faded smudges of ketchup. Two achingly full stomachs and one nostalgic dish later, I am on the road again, pushing towards one very tasty goal.


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