Dish 135: Gratin de Pates “a la Peggy”

Dish 135: Gratin de pates “a la Peggy” & Amelie at Bistrot La Minette, 6th and South,

Bistrot La Minette offers dinner and a movie on Monday and Thursday nights, tucked in the alley beside the restaurant, lit by an ephemeral blanket of white Christmas lights. It’s impossibly romantic, an image that lies just past reality, even when you are living it. As Mystery Man and Sarah and I sat down, MM spotted one of his former classmates, out for a night with his girlfriend. “I’ll catch him after- I don’t want to-“ he paused, “Break the spell.”

Reminiscent of the final scene of my favorite episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, in which the expert homosexuals aid an adorably hapless straight man in devising the perfect proposal, in a chiffon tent under a starry sky (leaving viewers questioning why he was so concerned that she would say yes. An amendment informs the audience that he battled a lingering addiction to banana-scented cologne.), the courtyard is only the beginning of BLM’s re-creation of a picture-perfect Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan date. The French waiters and lightweight, accessible menu complete the equation (breakdown below).

Perfect Date Pie Chart


Sarah chose the lemon-crusted halibut, MM the duck-leg confit, and I opted for the gratin de pates and heirloom tomato salad. The mac and cheese finds the perfect balance between creaminess and bite, and has just enough crisp on top. After Amelie wrapped up, we lingered on the sidewalk, wishing it wasn’t a Thursday and that there wasn’t work tomorrow, so the night could carry on just a little bit longer.


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