Weekend Rundown- Village Whiskey, Jones, Bistro Romano

Veggie Burger at Village Whiskey, 20th and Sansom, http://www.villagewhiskey.com

Portobello Burger at Jones, 7th and Chestnut, http://www.jones-restaurant.com

Caesar Salad at Bistro Romano, 2nd and Lombard (off Headhouse Square), http://www.bistroromano.com

This may have been the most beautiful weekend of the summer, and accordingly, the city of Philadelphia made a hell of an effort to spend as much time outside as possible, in a joyous mob scene.

Friday– Sarah, her Yorkie Riley, and I basked in the TGIF mood at one of VW’s outdoor tables, where Riley received lots of love from passersby. On the food front, the black bean burger was heaped with an oniony pile of guacamole and nestled into a sweet fluffy bun. The beans themselves were a little firm for my taste, but it’s definitely in the running for top veggie burger in the city.

"What do you think, Ry?"

Saturday– Mystery Man and I embarked on a mission to check out a place for Gustav, who is currently out of town. If you have any ideas, keep in mind he needs a spare room in which to store his kimono collection, requires that the fridge be removed, as it will not be used, and needs a reinforced ceiling from which to hang his trapeze bars. Exhausted by the demands but confident that he will like the house in NoLibs we toured, MM and I demolished a victorious lunch at Jones. Consensus: Stephen Starr needs to branch off into interior design. Also, the ketchup pesto on the Portobello burger is inspired. Two of man’s most intriguing condiments, brought together at last. The mushroom was roasted to savory perfection, and the richness of the cheese, pesto, and buttered bun blinded me momentarily. This culinary masterpiece more than compensates for Continental’s veggie burger misstep.

why so mysterious?

Later– After wandering through town with Brian, joining in the dancing at the Indian wedding in front of the Bellevue, pretending to be eaten by the lion in Rittenhouse Square, and splashing through the fountain in front of the Art Museum, it was time to join Familia Biscuitiae for a classy dinner at Bistro Romano. At Mama B.’s urging, Biscuit and I ordered martinis, the Lemonade and the Frisky Bison, an apple-lime cocktail. We shared the Caesar salad, mixed tableside, with a generous scoop of garlic, dash of pepper, swirl of Worcestershire, egg yolks, and olive oil, finished with a heaping of parmesan and croutons; and traded bites of pasta with each other. For dessert, the airy white chocolate mousse, served in a gorgeous milk chocolate egg, and a dense, flourless chocolate cake. The stairs out of the restaurant taunted our stretched-tight bellies, but we somehow made a successful escape before passing out in blissful coma on the sidewalk.

The woman behind the "Carbs vs. Happiness" exponential graph, and her favorite subject.


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