Girls’ Night = Carbfest 2010 = How to Have a Meeting 101

Girls’ Night: Gnocchi at Le Castagne, 19th and Chestnut,

MBA students need to have dinner with me and my girlfriends. We hit every matter of business systematically, deviate minimally, tease a little, gossip a lot, and leave with a full belly and a plan of action.

Tuesday’s cast: me, Colleen, Aly, and Colleen’s high school friend, Lauren. Boy matters are first, naturally; we proceed around the table in a clockwise fashion and each provide an update. This round is typically peppered with questions that keep the conversation moving at a rapid clip. Next up, recent sightings of mutual acquaintances, particularly if especially pleasant, awkward, or unexpected. Then, upcoming events of note. By this time the meal has arrived, and we take a moment to gush about the food.

om nom nom

Ohmygod. The gnocchi at Le Castagne is legendary, and for good reason! Aly and I shared the spinach-infused variety with light parmesan sauce; each little gnocchi had a delicate cheese crust on one lucky side, I tried to eat as slowly as possible to make the flavor last. And I’ve been trying to rationalize going back multiple times in one week—actually, Aly just texted me that she’s having the same feeling!  

After admiring the good eats, we revisit any unresolved matters, make decisions on upcoming events, and share miscellaneous news. Then the usual battle of dessert vs. Capogiro; and in one short meal, we have addressed, divided, and conquered. Eat your heart out, Jack Welch. We’ll be eating our gnocchi.


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