Ode to a Biscuit

Dish 240: Biscuit at Devon, Rittenhouse Square, http://www.devonseafood.com

O dear, fluffy tender Biscuit-let

You are the beacon that lights Devon

Shrimp enchaladas, salmon salad

Fresh and exquisite, but you are heaven.

Sometimes I awaken at night

Thinking of your delicate bicarbonate

Milk, flour, sugar, in an imperceptible blend

Sweet and savory perfectly mate.

O the bald headed waiter will offer jello shots

Then cruelly rescind when you attempt to order

But Biscuit, deny me not,

Or he will need to file a restraining order.

O crumbly bit of bliss

O cheerful waif of life

It is you I will always miss

When I see the empty plate and buttery knife.


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