Returning to the Motherland

With an open calendar and a light heart, I decided on a whim yesterday to head back to New Jersey early and surprise my parents. Lillville is this weekend, as well as Tracy’s graduation party, and there are many preparations to be made. Lillville is… Mardi Gras. St. Patrick’s Day. A massive party in the backwoods of Rhode Island with fifteen to twenty cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, black Labs, mutts, cats, a couple of geese, a goat or two, and a small herd of cows. Heather makes macaroni and cheese, Meghan and I take care of peeling Uncle Rick’s peaches and plums, and the youngest cousin over 16 is responsible for mixing daiquiris. Somebody will let Big John out of his pasture while we’re playing cow golf, and we’ll spend the afternoon corralling him back inside. Then it’s back to coaxing RJ away from the electric fence and sunbathing on the deck.

But in the meantime, I’m keeping Mom and Dad out of trouble and chaperoning playdates with Indy and Tracy’s Doberman, Nova, from her poolside. Life is hard.

Tonight we made pizza, half regular, a quarter white with spinach, and a quarter tuna, one of my favorite recipes from Gustav. Most of my sources show that it is native to the Calabria region of Italy, in the toe of the boot. So, here you go—Buon appetito!

Mama Lynch really has no idea she isn't Italian.


1 pizza dough, available at Trader Joe’s or your favorite pizzeria

sprinkling of corn meal

tomato sauce, about 1-1.5 cups

1 can tuna, packed in olive oil (if you get the kind in water, just drizzle oil lightly over the pizza)

a handful of peas

½ large onion, sliced

drizzle of balsamic vinegar

grated parmesan cheese

Heat the oven to 400 degrees F, and put the pizza stone in the oven. Sprinkle corn meal lightly on the pizza pan. Stretch out the dough, add sauce. Break up the tuna and sprinkle evenly over the pizza. Sprinkle on peas, onions, and parmesan. Drizzle with vinegar and oil. Cook for ten minutes. Then lower the temperature to 350 degrees and move the pizza to the center rack, and cook for five minutes longer. Best enjoyed with a cold Corona and a juicy slice of lime!


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