Previously, on “love to eat”:

Loqi tries desperately to pursue dieting, to nearly immediate failure. She discovers that her blog has perpetuated a foul rumor that she is in search of the finest, most tasty foods everywhere- which is most certainly not the case! Merely an analyst looking for the truth, and hoping that someone along the way will teach her how to use the cable remote, she accepts her fate as a consumer of fine cooking.

– – –

June 4: Miss Biscuit’s famous hamburger cookies made with Nilla wafers and Yorks. Yes, I’m backdating, but this one was an exceptional example of her truly American baking sense. Recipe:

So cute! And so much refined sugar!! Caution, more than two = diabetes.

July 4: Tres leches cake, courtesy of Will Hernandez, of H&H Bakery. There are no words. Sweet, spongey, moist but not drippy, and with a revolutionary vanilla filling. And pleasantly not-supersweet buttercream frosting. Hook yourself up at or sample his other Mexican goodies at:

Mr. Hernandez and cake, after his Houstonian take on the Star Spangled Banner.

July 10: Seafood night at Merion, which featured every preparation of sea creatures that I could conceive. Raw on the half-shell, dipped in butter, with cocktail sauce, sushi and sashimi, and the famous Pine Valley cocktail, rum with orange juice, sour mix, mint, and club soda. And what a stunning course! I’m dying to play there in the near future.

But why's all the rum gone?

July 15: Lunch with another employee of my firm at the Happy Rooster—he had the beautiful chicken cheesesteak and I opted for the unexpected and delightful wedge salad with feta, shrimp, crab, and Russian dressing. So many pungent flavors, and it all works!

Shrimpies, crab meat, cheese, Russian dressing... whether pregnant or under the influence, the chef was clearly answering to a higher authority.

July 15: Dish 127: Godzilla Roll at Umai Umai. OK I DID IT. IT’S ON THE LIST. I CHEATED. I HAD A DISH. Gustav and I got back after an event and were absolutely STARVING. And the Godzilla roll lives up to its name. Stuffed with shrimp tempura and topped with fresh strawberries, I may have cried tears of joy. Because even if I were to be hit by a car in front of my building, it is close enough that I might be able to crawl there while the ambulance was on its way.

Makes hunger flee in fear like thousands of Japanese citizens.

July 20: Victory brewing with Tom and Jen. Tucked away from passers-by, cavernous and yet filled with people, an endless variety of beers and an ever-changing menu will delight the hungry and the thirsty, and the reasonable prices are the icing on the cake. Tom had the smoky, thick chicken quesadilla; Jen opted for the smooth cheesesteak and chips; and I chose the Liguria pizza, a pesto-based pizza with chicken, roasted red peppers, and mozzarella, to coordinate with a glass of Golden Monkey, a sweet fruity beer that would appeal to fans of Blue Moon.

V for Vill-a-no-va, V for Vic-tory! B for Blue and W for White, for the blue and the white we will fight! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

July 23: Karaoke and Japas at Yakitori Boy for Brian’s belated unbirthday. There’s nothing like spicy deep fried potatoes, light beer, and ending the night with an uproarious rendition of I’m On A Boat that makes you wish Americans did business a little more like the Japanese. 

The BBQ ranged from chewy (beef) to unforgettable (bacon wrapped egg), and the fresh-fried thick-cut potatoes with spicy cheese sauce will haunt your dreams.

And, for readers unfamiliar with the song that I like to play while I drink coffee in the morning: [WARNING: features gratuitous use of certain words beginning with the letter “F”]

Just before Hess asked Linsey tomove aside so he and Jonas could sing A Whole New World together.

And the a cappella version, because girls should always sing T-Pain’s part:


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