Six Dishes at Amada, Need I Say More?

Dishes 111-115: Spanish Octopus, Patatas Bravas, Shortrib Flatbread, Piquillos Rellenos, and Revuelto at Amada, 2nd and Chestnut, and it’s really so outstanding that it’s simply shameful if you don’t visit at least once.

Revuelto, Egg, and Truffle. Scrumptious.

Amada speaks for itself in that it has six dishes on the list and no other establishment has more than three. At first I felt like a little kid- the bar was too high, the menu too big, and my buddy not yet arrived. How silly. Within minutes I made friends with my right-side neighbors, Jon and Todd, on their way to the Phish concert, who happily shared their paprika-encrusted, sinfully decadent bits of octopus (octopus fears? The last thing on my mind. These squat cylinders of protein lingered joyously on my palate.) which echoed the similarly shaped and -spiced patatas, also painfully rich.

Patatas Bravas. Their cylindricality is matched only by their deliciousness.

Gaby and I gossiped- should we do happy hour next week? What do you think?- as we sampled each plate, our only complaint that some dishes were so indulgent that we had to leave quite a bit behind! The revuelto revisited everyone’s new favorite couple, egg and truffle, and we adored piquillos, sweet, smoky, and crabby in a positive way, not like a New Yorker before his first cup of coffee.

Our tablemates - Jon, Todd, and a delectable Spanish Octopus. (Note - the Spanish Octopus is a lousy conversationalist.)

Short Rib Flatbread. Somewhere, my brother is seething with jealousy.

Piquillos Rellenos. Delightfully crabby.

There is one more dish at Amada, the valenciana paella, but unfortunately our diminutive friend Biscuit was caught in traffic from today’s flash monsoon and exodus from the Phillies game, and too tired to join the party. So we save the most extravagant plate for her, natch. As one of my more notorious partners in crime, though not typically food-related endeavors, I look forward to returning to Amada, for mind-blowing dishes, for friendship and gossip and for meeting friends to be.


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