Almost Halfway There!

Dish 110: Mushroom Soup at Friday Saturday Sunday, 21st between Locust and Spruce,
Today was momentous. Today’s dish, an unassuming mushroom soup, micro-chunky like roughly ground smooth peanut butter, finished the first page of my list. One page down. And by Saturday, I will be halfway finished. It feels very strange. I’m not going to think about it.
Friday Saturday Sunday is a cozy, stable nook that reminds me of my favorite place at home- Joel’s Malibu Kitchen, in Ridgewood- but without the rainbow colored mashed potatoes. And without Joel. Well, no. FriSatSun is home to a quirky, welcoming, outgoing waiter whose MO is reminiscient of Bergen County’s beloved be-ponytailed chef. I think both of them have probably- um- repurposed? The main ingredient of tonight’s dish in question. Not that anyone said that was a bad thing, especially if it helped them dream up this mushroom soup!
The soup is the softly fungal cousin of Tinto’s otherworldly chestnut soup, a creamy blanket that hints at cocoa and mocha, that is sweet and light with a rich, earthy undercurrent.
My dinner companion opted to remain anonymous, however, it should be noted that the beet salad was inspired, finally striking a balance beet-tween the subtlety of the beets and the strength of blue cheese by removing most of the greens, his filet appeared adequately spicy, and the conversation, like the blue drinks, was peppered with debate. Possibly because the tiny table was bipartisan. Possibly because it was half Philadelphian and half New Jerseyan. Or possibly because it’s becoming less and less clear which half is which.


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