Getting Choke-d Up

Dish 107: Grilled Artichoke at Mercato, Spruce between 12th and 13th,

Hey friends! Gustav is still in recovery for another week, so we opted for water ice yesterday– and by we, I mean he did, and I made him watch me eat the glorious, dripping, smoky, salty, haunting grilled artichoke that I picked up at Mercato en route. It comes with a basil-y tomato aioli that lightens the weight of the veggie while bringing in sweeter notes, and just all-around blowing your mind.

‘Twas bliss.

In other news, I COOKED TODAY! That’s right, I went to Acme, found where they hide the onions and bacon and clams, and then I followed a recipe and stirred up a big old pot of New England Clam Chowdah. If you would like to attempt this at home, here is the recipe I followed: And I won’t say it’s idiotproof… but it’s pretty quick. I made some Bisquick biscuits to soak up the juice, and Hess and I enjoyed a late dinner. Best part? Having leftovers to bring to work for lunch tomorrow! Hey, thirtysomethings, I can cook! Watch this:




You will need roughly one heaping container of potatoes.

Finish it with a dusting of biscuits. Always.


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