Estia and Stella: Wrapping Up

Dishes 99 & 100: Lavraki at Estia, Broad and Locust,; Margherita Pizza at Pizzeria Stella, on Headhouse Square,

Hess just taught me something spectacularly mischievous to do with the Remote app on my iPhone. No details yet, let’s wait until Brian finds out what we have done. Yesterday was my last day at Maven, last day of busting out the afternoon Mariah mix with Sarah and last afternoon enjoying lunch with the ladies who have become my family away from home. I suggested Estia based on its close proximity to our office and was delighted by Rebecca’s (“Oh my god, I love that place!”) and Jessica’s (“Great! I LOVE that place!”) reactions.

Lavraki at Estia

The interior is stunning, with lightweight lengths of fabric swung between exposed beams, squishy looking couches in a lounge area, and a television flicking through jaw-dropping Greek panoramas. (“How DOES that building stay on that cliff?”) The menu at Estia was as mouthwatering as expected, starting with crispy, greasy triangles of pita to dip in hearty, mealy hummus, and proceeding to the oily, oregano-doused lavraki with massive asparagus spears. I stole a bit of Rebecca’s tzatziki to discover a new echelon of tart creaminess it hadn’t previously attained. We joked about friends, parents, and doctors, and promised to stay in touch.

Mama Lynch and Miss Margherita

Today, Mama Lynch visited Philly so that we could tour the Cleopatra exhibit at the Franklin and scope out some fabrics on 4th St. The stripes were too stripey, the prints were not quite the right colors- but we did find a nice chicken print that might feature as curtains in the new digs. We sat down to almond, rosemary, and orange olives and margherita pizza at Pizzeria Stella once the growls of our stomachs were too prominent to ignore, and Stella effortlessly lived up to its Starr-y reputation. The crust was fluffy, light, crispy, and bubbly—blackened so slightly on the underside, the buffalo mozzarella was creamy and crumbly, and the tomato sauce tasted fresher than some tomatoes I have eaten off the vine. We also loved the aqua-painted chairs. Mom and I are weak in the knees for aqua.

Tomorrow starts my career in finance—although I have permission to release the name of the company, I’d like to wait a week for dramatic effect. And to make sure that they’re really sure that they want to keep me around, flamingo pens and all.

Trusty flamingo pen: asset or liability?


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