More Hats, More Sunshine, and More Champagne!

Gustav made me a new confection for the Devon Horse Show hat parade yesterday, a sloped corkscrew creation that looks different from every angle, and has the unintended effect of admirers asking for a 360. Which is really fun.Fun and dizzying when combined with heat, heels, and several victorious glasses of Cartier champagne.

Amidst tough competition, including two girls who wore freshly taxidermied ducks on their hats (“They were very tasty.”) and a mother-daughter pair with topiary-inspired chapeaus, we placed first in the Devon Diva category, and were congratulated by Carson Kressley on the “color story” of the outfit. The two of us thoroughly enjoyed wandering the fairgrounds on such a gorgeous day– and the blue ribbon didn’t hurt!

The blue ribbon!


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One Response to “More Hats, More Sunshine, and More Champagne!”

  1. Norwood Says:

    Fantastic shape and color!
    Can’t wait to see Gustav’s next creation, when is the next Hat Parade?

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