Yes, we are together. Twitter, meet Mr. Black Belt.

Dish 90: Chicken and Lemongrass Soup at Smile Café, 22nd and Chestnut, (215) 564-2502‎

So I returned from a quick lunch and some errands yesterday to find that Philly Picks had retweeted my “en route to smile café!” tweet. Exciting, right? Philly Picks has over a thousand followers. Think of all the unfortunate beings needlessly subjected to my whims on a beautiful sunny day! Just a few short steps to world domination! Soon, Mom and I will fulfill our dreams of reorganizing the Mexican government!

Except that my retweeter had attached a map. It is difficult to pinpoint why the map created a nagging feeling- I had already broadcast my location to anyone with the time to read it. But there was something invasive about a person I had never met- an intern? A mom? Or maybe just an automated program? – giving the world a guide on how to find me. I mean, I’m not worried. I’m pretty fierce. I bake a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. And Indy could tell you that my belly rubs are unparalleled. If I’m ever cornered in a dark alley, I will send my cookies and belly rubs into battle for me. And they will win.

But just in case. I might start delaying my tweets by an hour or two and take some lessons with Billy Blanks. Or maybe I will follow in the hallowed footsteps of Gaughin and Hemingway and utilize an elite delivery service to complete my mission from a temperate, exotic locale. I always have liked Point Pleasant. Maybe I will simply make up mis-tweets. And if some crazy fan (Paula Deen, for example) tries to find me at Zahav, I will be far away, having dinner with my fresh new black belt.

Wait, I'm supposed to talk about the food?

–>Oh, yes, that food thing. The chicken and lemongrass soup is fantastic– if you like chicken and lemongrass. (We already known my predispositions to chickens and lawns. It’s all fun and games until the lawn mower comes along.)  I added some white rice, and it really made a hearty, filling lunch. The hot sauce floating on top was the best part; the heat contrasted with the fresh coolness of the grassy broth. Picture your mom’s chicken soup– or if your mom doesn’t make chicken soup, your Aunt J’s chicken soup– with some crisp onion and grass. It’s not too hard to like. Next time, though, might skip the chicken.


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