It Takes Two…

to Tango, Bryn Mawr

Let me begin by saying it was all an accident. Yes, Gustav and I are notorious for our “go hard or go home” attitudes, and there is nothing we relish more than the opportunity to wear fabulous headpieces, be they animal, vegetable, or mineral, but neither of us had any intention of inciting such a sensation among the friends of the Philadelphia Charity Ball. We just wanted to wear hats and sip some peach bellinis on the patio with Mr. Jeffers.

Mais non.

We should have known what was in store when we realized that hat didn’t fit inside the Demon Bunny. We must have had some clue when we arrived and every pair of eyes was ripped from its preexisting subject and reset on us. We should have known, but instead, there we were, barely able to walk through the entrance hall of Martha Snider’s gorgeous red brick mansion in Wyndmoor ( because we were stopped every three steps by another woman entranced by Gustav’s creation. “Who are you? Where did you get this?” each asked. “Where are you from? How do you know Justin?”  And to each, “Lauren Lynch, pleasure to meet you. This is my stylist, Gustav, and he made this for me. New Jersey by way of Bryn Mawr. And Justin once sassed me in the quad, I gave him the death stare, and we’ve been friends ever since.”  More or less. You know how we do.

In Martha's incredible English gardens.

A woman wearing a white cotton eyelet dress and a hat with three large rosettes, one yellow, one red, one green, presented us with the prize for winning the hat contest, (Hat contest? What hat contest?) a copy of Alice in Wonderland, and a gift certificate to Tango, where we sat after the Mad Hatter Tea Party had come to a close, alternately answering breathless calls from our respective mothers and taking ravenous bites of crabcakes, guacamole, and sweet French onion soup, and toasting to our victory. “It was all you,” we each said to the other, countless times, “there’s no way I could have done it without you.” But shaking my head, looking at Gustav in wonder, I knew the truth- it takes two to tango.

Loqi and Gustav have been asked to attend the Hat Parade at the Devon Horse Show on June 2nd. Gustav is creating a fresh design for the event.


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One Response to “It Takes Two…”

  1. Jess Says:

    L-train i LOVED YOUR POST. a) you are gorgeous b) this was very well written c) my parents keep asking about your family d) we need to hangout e) your life is ridiculously exciting f) did i mention you look gorgeous?! haha KEEP WRITING

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