Found: Pearly Gates, in King of Prussia

Kabuki, DeKalb Pike and Henderson St. (near Starbucks), King of Prussia, (610) 878-9203

I was at the mall picking up Jeffers’s graduation gift…

What could it be? What could it be?

I hope that he is initially outraged but comes to love it.

… and on a friend’s recommendation, I opted to stop for takeout from Kabuki, just a heartbeat down the road. Kabuki is a beautiful airy space with white walls vaulting to skylit peaks. After agonizing over the specialty roll list loaded with enticing names like Flying Monkey and Crazy Friday, I chose the Angel Roll, with tuna, eel, and salmon, because it sounded divine. The sweet, thick slabs of salmon wrapping the roll coerced me into sneaking a piece before I started the car (sneaky sushi! I should be livid that it persuaded me to break the no-food-in-the-Demon-Bunny rule! But I’m not. It was delicious.), which only succeeded in removing my focus from the road entirely and redirecting it towards the sultry, unassuming brown paper bag sitting shotgun.

When St. Peter doesn't feel like cooking, he goes to Kabuki.

Once back at the apartment, I devoured the remaining bites in T-minus forty seconds, and found myself gluttonously hankering for more, eyeing Brian’s Thai takeout greedily. Mais non. His defensive posture and first-degree black belt suggested I search the fridge for round 2. And while I succeeded in finding snack foods, nothing at earthbound Chez Lynch could compare with the heavenly confections from Kabuki.


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2 Responses to “Found: Pearly Gates, in King of Prussia”

  1. la Prof Says:

    oh rats, wasn’t far from you yet again…you need an iPhone app that will tell us all where you are so we can join you “impromptu”

  2. loqiii Says:

    hahaha, follow me on twitter!!

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