Becoming a party to Philly’s obsession with AC- or just having a party.

Dish 84: Oxtail at Denise’s Soul Food, 30th and Market

It was pleasant to slow down today after a gleefully hectic weekend that culminated in the senior dinner dance in Atlantic City last night. (Did I try out Café 2825 or SeaBlue? No, silly. I am a girl. There was no eating going on last night.)

With my civil engineering ladies, Caitlin and Brittany-- at first I tried to take the picture but then discovered why I dropped out of engineering. The camera was off.

 In reverse order, the weekend featured: Mother’s Day, with outrageously delicious Antoine Amrani chocolates!

Senior Week’s first event, Six Flags Great Adventure with Caitlin and Tina!

Meow meow.


Cake, followed by Mixx for Biscuit’s birthday!

All good dance parties are prefaced by chocolate ice cream cake. From left: Katie O, Jonas, Tina, Biscuit, Matt, Linsey, Hess

A fabulous afternoon out with my fiancé, Gustav!

Gustav is so funny.

And… beginning everything… the Local Natives at World Café Live, Friday lunchtime, and oxtail at Denise’s Soul Food!

Hessie agonizing over his options.

So, coincidentally, oxtail really is the tail of an ox, which is a castrated male of the genus and species Bos primigenius, or cattle. (Thanks Wikipedia!) My uncle Brett has a steer named Big John (the inspiration for the family toast, “Cheers, Big Ears!”) and although Big John is- well- big, the chunks of tail were larger than I expected. (And you know the saying “you are what you eat”? That is all I will say in regards to the clientele of Denise’s.) Each chunk of meat is the size of a small fist, and the meat portion makes up about the fingers. It’s tender but gristly, and I recommend dousing the whole meal with a generous helping of their hot sauce, which is pretty mild. The rice and beans were fine, if a little plain, and the cornbread is sweet, sticky on top, and enormous.

Big John with Grandpa and my supercute niece Taylor, and her Pop-pop, my Uncle Craig, about four years ago.

What next? The party continues through Commencement, next Sunday, after which Gustav and I were thinking of going away for a couple of days with friends, to –where else? Atlantic City.


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One Response to “Becoming a party to Philly’s obsession with AC- or just having a party.”

  1. Hurricane Matthew Says:

    It looks like you forgot to point out Adam West in the cake picture

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