Last Exit this side of Heaven

Dish 83: Frozen Yogurt with toasted hazelnuts and dulche de leche, Yogorino, 20th and Locust,

My friends and I tease Biscuit regularly for being so tightly wound. But then again, you would be tightly would, too, if you were the only female computer engineer, and you had to get back to your books to earn your spot at the top of the class. My dad tells this story about a time that he and one of his college friends were replacing a spring in somebody’s car—this is usually a job you need done at a shop, because they have big machines that compress those super-heavy springs, but the boys were strapped for cash—and somebody jostled just a bit and BOING! The crowbar slipped and the spring shot out from under my dad, hundreds of feet into the air—they froze, looked at each other –“RUN!”—and bolted for cover. Biscuit, after eight semesters of building pressure, has been released, has fulfilled her duties, and BOING! I have not seen her this happy in years.

It's beautiful!

We celebrated her birthday and the end of classes with dinner at El Rey with Colleen and some Yogorino with hazelnuts and dulche de leche in Rittenhouse Square. As Biscuit and I watched Colleen chase after yellow labs (or their owners), we giggled to ourselves. Like Philly Mag said, it really was the last exit this side of heaven.

Biscuit's B'day Family Photo! We mastered the self-timer, almost, back row: Matt, Linsey, Hess, Jonas, Tina; front row: Katie O, Biscuit, me


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