It’s just like talking, but longer and louder!

Dish 75: Chicken salad and fried oysters at Oyster House, 15th and Sansom,

I wish you could hear me right now, because I am sing-ing! UnIT (University IT) fixed up my laptop all fresh with a new hard drive and Windows 7, and managed to save all of my files in the pro-cess! So you get to see how fresh and how clean, clean Oyster House is on the in-side!

Why, Windows 7, you are so easy to navigate. I even found my secret stash of Boyz II Men.

Today we must be quick. The chicken salad and fried oysters will do the trick. The salad has onion, very pungent, and the oysters are satisfyingly crunchy.

Perfect for the pregnant and the pregnant of appetite.

I hate to disappoint, but now it’s back to the books—I saw Mr. Jeffers today and he described our Derivatives final as follows: “Remember that time we watched The Pacific and the men were getting gunned down on the beach? It was like that. I didn’t know which question was going to kill me, only that one of them would.” On that note, I should get back to work.

However, because this is the last chance I get to procrastinate finals, maybe ever:

Jack Sparrow’s take on Ke$ha:

How to solve a Rubik’s Cube:

And if you are not familiar with The Pacific/Derivatives:


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