To Commencement

Dish 81: Chana Masala at Tiffin, multiple locations,

Today’s study break marked the first of a summerfull of terrace-based good times. While Brian studied the Tiffin menu in depth, I played with his Perplexus and watched Jonathan Coulton videos on YouTube (Code Monkey is my favorite because I love Diet Mountain Dew, too). Like most idyllic summer evenings, there isn’t much to say about it.

Our terrace is awesome.

Brian handled the silverware and I took the plastic lids off the containers; we poured out some Diet Sprite, and, over the chana masala with its surprising layers of spice, not just oniony and tomatoey, but Christmasy as well, we joked about the subjects of certain graphic novels (DO NOT READ THEM. I opened one and ran screaming from his room) and completely inappropriate topics to be discussing outdoors when the residents of at least 10 apartments can hear you.

Chana Masala-lala.

About halfway through pouring myself a second glass, I gesticulated awkwardly to determine if Bri wanted a refill, and the movement reminded me of Radler, the beer-Sprite combination we loved when we visited Germany.

dun. dun. dun. DUN-DUN! dun-dun dun-dun

With a brother-originated soundtrack vaguely reminiscient of “And Spake Zarathustra” from 2001: A Space Odyssey, he poured the fizzy libation into a beer so fine I will not name it, for fear of the beating Brian might sustain from the friends who gifted it to him. We toasted once more, to commencement.


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2 Responses to “To Commencement”

  1. Brocho Cinco Says:

    I probably should’ve warned you, but you were all “Oh, look at this guy’s suit, he’s all wrinkled and he looks like a zombie and he’s eating something and OH GOD! AHH! OH GOD! OH MY GOD!” before I could even think twice.

    I’m fairly certain it was the single worst comic you could’ve picked to read out of my entire collection. Worst part of it is, the issues before and after that would’ve been totally up your alley!

    (and yes, it was a very, very fine beer that I made into a Radler; I thank my sister for not publicly shaming me.)

    • loqiii Says:

      Brian. The man himself was not wrinkly, what caught my eye was the absence of dry cleaning as a whole in Graphics World. And it was most definitely deranged.

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