I Demand Things to be Awesome

Dish 78: Boston Bibb and Herb Salad at Supper, 10th and South St, http://www.supperphilly.com/

Hi, I’m Lauren Lynch, blogger of food dishes and collegiate shenanigans. And I demand things to be awesome.



AWESOME FRIENDS (back row: Brian, Matt, Linsey, Hess, Pete, Jonas; front row: me, Biscuit, Bradfordley, Tina)


Tracy and I had an difficult time choosing brunch from Supper’s menu because each option was so awesome (cornmeal pancakes! housemade ricotta blintzes! fingerlings cooked in duck fat!), and because of the existential implications of eating brunch at a place called Supper. Our awesome server didn’t make the decision any easier by offering the “beignet of the day” (Which would not rhyme if they stuck with one language; an superb integration of culture. A+.), a raspberry Pop Tart sprinkled with Pop Rocks. And like so many individuals between the ages of making-grilled-cheese-on-the-ironing-board and I-was-wearing-Doc-Martens-when-first-I-heard-Kriss-Kross, Tracy and I are incapable of turning down Pop Rocks under any circumstance, be they a la carte or timelessly paired with champagne at the Raven Lounge.

We matched the featherweight, savory, masterpiece salad with the key lime french toast to contrast the tartness of the lime with the saltiness of the exquisite cornbread dumplings; or because there is no wrong time to enjoy key lime goo, fresh poured coffee, and neomodernist interior design. And no time like the present for Tracy to expound on the neomodernism intrinsic to chandeliers made from kitchen utensils.

AWESOME CHANDELIER (image courtesy of http://www.supperphilly.com)

Tracy and I have a checkered past of good naturedly teasing our servers, but this time, we found ourselves face-to-face with a worthy challenger. “How was everything, ladies?” “Disgusting,” replied Tracy, as I said, “Repulsive.” “Wonderful, wonderful,” he replied as he cleared the table. She and I looked at each other with round eyes. With his help, the levels of sass per man-hour reached unprecedented heights.

As we walked to the Demon Bunny, bellies full and jeans tight, Tracy noticed one of the homes decorated in coiling patterns of mirrors and tiles. With a smile stretching from one corner of her eyes to the other, she turned to me and exclaimed, “Loqi! That’s really awesome!”

AWESOME (image courtesy of http://www.philadelphiahomes.wordpress.com)

I know, Tracy. I know.

Inspired by: Michael Bay’s Awesome Commercial: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXRCf9LbLM0>

Fun fact: I was an extra in Transformers 2, and it’s true that Michael Bay loves his smoke and explosions. We sat in a lecture hall, and they pumped smoke into the room—it looks good when light streams through the windows—until we couldn’t see the blackboard any more. Also, Megan Fox is far more beautiful in person. And Shia LeBoeuf is somewhat cantaloupe-colored.


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2 Responses to “I Demand Things to be Awesome”

  1. The Cock-a-poo Commisssion Says:

    How could you forget your AWESOME Cock-a-Poo Indy??

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