Having a Little Girl Party, Big Girl Style

Dishes 72, 73 & 74: Los hongos huaraches (mushroom flatbread), steak nachos, lengua (tongue) tacos at Distrito, 40th and Chestnut, http://www.distritorestaurant.com/

My chica friends and I are like a cocktail: five simple flavors, each salty or angelic or tingly, complex on her own, that combine to create something greater than any ingredient, spellbinding and intoxicating to a particular few. Tracy and Amy are visiting this weekend, and Dani and I are doing our best to show them the best of the city. While Lee couldn’t make it this time, her absence is like a margarita without salt on the rim—something critical is definitely missing, but I’m not about to turn it down or pretend I’m not enjoying it the way it is!

From left: Tracy, Lee, me, Dani, and Amy lying across the front.

We went to Distrito last night for Colleen’s birthday, and the neon pink fixtures, wall of Mexican wrestling masks, and the birthday girl’s puffy floral party dress were wisps of birthday parties far past. The long table of chattering girls, decadent and somewhat adventurous but not intimidating finger-food dishes—super-tender, flavorful lengua (tongue) tacos, shredded steak nachos with heaps of awesomely oily cheese—and bumping party music all added to the grown-up little girl party atmosphere. [Editor’s Note: I couldn’t help but question the tastefulness of management’s choice to emblazon “Hecho en Mexico” on the tee shirts worn by the busboys. ]

There are some people you feel like you have known forever; I need reminders time and again that I didn’t meet Dani and Tracy until high school—having to Photoshop them into my grammar school pics and forge crayon-made birthday cards and macaroni paintings dedicated to one another. (In sixty years I blissfully won’t know the difference.) Last night felt like our opportunity to be kindergarteners together. We even took a nap afterwards. Which Dani interrupted at ninety-second intervals with  “I SEE YOU!” from various hidden locations in her apartment.

Right now, we are prepping for a big night out, beginning with a Taiwanese carnival hosted in part by Amy’s sorority, AKDPhi; while Dani blends her neutral high intensity eyeshadow with streaks of magenta powder, Tracy dishes on what her gentleman friend [Editor’s Note: Josh is a lactose-intolerant ginger.] did for her birthday, eliciting a collective “Awww!/Wait, what?” at the part where he takes her out for ice cream after dinner. After we each change our outfits a couple more times, we might be ready to go- and yes, Amy will be late. But at least Tracy will be wearing just the right outfit, and we’ll be sharing exactly the company we always wanted.

Neither red hair nor lactose intolerance has prevented Josh from attempting to lead a normal life.


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One Response to “Having a Little Girl Party, Big Girl Style”

  1. Lee Says:

    i’ll salt your margarita anytime 😉
    miss you!

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