search for a dress leads to immortal style

immortal: trendy and vintage consignment, the beloved child of Caren Kreider, 125 S. 18th St., 215.563.2344

Dish 70: Shrimp Tempura Mango Coconut Roll at Vic Sushi, Sansom between 20th and 21st,

There is no better friend and no crueler mistress to a woman than shopping. Shopping can leave a woman broken, demoralized, self-loathing—or shopping can invigorate the soul and excite her for the events to come. Today’s magnificent discovery was the second.

I was on the prowl today for two dresses for upcoming formal events. The words of the hour: movement, showstopping, inventive, fruit salad. The theme: Lilly Pulitzer after a Vicodin. With nearly 500 girls to be attending the Senior Dinner Dance and no worse horror than having the same dress as another girl, I scouted out my consignment possibilities today. And though I have not yet found my dress, I have found the woman who will dress me for a long time.

Caren noticed the full-skirted slate-and-cream sundress I picked up, and sent three items into the dressing room after me, a khaki A-line dress, and two suits, one white linen with beading, and a fitted tan with bias-tape stripes. The dressing room was lined with faded photographs of women whose names have become legend, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. As I put on each article, I found myself –not simply dressed, but transformed into the woman I want to be.

I bought all four.

Riding on the ecstasy of having found a new home and made a new friend, I strolled down to Vic Sushi—because every girl knows to wait until after she’s finished shopping to eat—and strangely, the shrimp-tempura-mango-coconut roll is everything that I could ever want—in a dress. (Can I commission a sushi chef to design?) The roll is fun, lightly crispy—you know, just a bit put together—colorful, textural, loud, sweet, distinctive, unforgettable—and lends curvaceousness to the body, but not heft. My spirits encouraged further, I was ready to hit the streets and find the dress of my dreams. Or wait for Caren to call me when she’s found it.

The perfect dress.


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