Grand Opening of Tiffin: Wynnewood!

Tiffin, multiple locations, (Bryn Mawr location coming soon!)

Grand Opening of Tiffin: Wynnewood!

Tiffin was the first thing I ate this new year, with my three best girl friends from home, having only crawled out of Dani’s bed at 2 in the afternoon after much excitement that included the furious adjusting of one’s belt. We piled sluggishly into Lee’s Prius, and Dani directed our new-to-Philadelphia friends straight to 7th and Girard. (At least it was the middle of the afternoon.) “What easy parking!” I pointed out, hoping Lee and TK wouldn’t notice the trash lining the street. “Oh, here it is!” Dani exclaimed.

We were the only ones in there, catered on hand and sleepy foot, a far cry from the Saturday opening bash of Tiffin Wynnewood, which was standing room only, filled with family of the owner that was reuniting for the first time in a decade and a half, as well as many local revelers. The spread was Gujarati food rather than the Punjab on the menu—“this is the stuff my mom and I make at home” Dani explained. Which meant a no-go on getting my free pass on dish #70, but it did translate to a fabulous dinner.

Gut-bustingly delicious spread. Mmmm.

People of note in attendance included: little girl in pink sweater who looks just like Dani did as a toddler, with an adorably chubby face and a super short pageboy cut. (Which doesn’t sound cute. Until you see her cheeks. Aww.)

Awww. Baby Dani.

And then she reveals her true colors.

Other revelers: the rest of the herd of eight or nine children, who swarmed one harried-looking woman, for whose safety and sanity I was concerned. The owner. A boy and his golden retriever, who was especially sweet. And me and Dani! Yay, party on!

So, if you’d like some tips on the regular menu, I can’t get enough of the Saag Paneer, cubed cottage cheese in a spinach kind of sauce, Chicken Tikka Masala (honestly, who DOESN’T love it?), mango chutney, and Aloo Gobhi, which is potatoes and cauliflower mixed up with fennel seed and other spices. Tiffin’s airy, pristine spaces and welcoming serving make dining in a delight, even though their user-friendly website betrays Tiffin’s original intention of being a delivery-only service (hence the 7th and Girard location). Whether you want to eat in, take out, or have it delivered (dinner and a Bollywood movie? Oh, they do that too.), call Tiffin.

And you might be interested to know that I was not compensated in any way to write this. I just love cheap awesome Indian food that much.


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4 Responses to “Grand Opening of Tiffin: Wynnewood!”

  1. chanDani Says:

    aaaaahahaha the baby pictures. 🙂

    Yeah, I anticipated the regular, more modern Indian restaurant choices from the Wynewood Tiffin spread (Chicken Tikka, Naan, Pakora, Dal Makhani). A lot of the dishes contained the same ingredients, just prepared differently. Nonetheless, it was delicious, but I do adore the Paneer Tikka Masala (because I am a vegetabletarian).

    It’s funny, because initially, Rutgers students actually introduced me to Tiffin in Northern Liberties 2 years ago. The two friends drove all the way down from New Brunswik to have it and visit friends and brought back Paneer Tikka Masala + fresh Naan for my roommate and I at the time. It was a foodGASM.

    Ever since then, Tiffin is my FAVORITEEEEE indian restaurant thus far in the Greater Philadelphia area, and I am a loyal customer forever.

  2. Ronnie Sachs Says:

    If you like Indian food do visit Saffron Indian Kitchen in Bala Cynwyd. 145 Montgomery Ave.
    There food is the best Ive had so far, beats Tiffin hands down.

    Check it out and then decide for yourself.

  3. loqiii Says:

    interesting…never heard of it. I suppose it’s worth a try. But, it seems its selection isn’t as great as Tiffin. 😉

  4. Ronnie Says:

    Well they offer everything on Tiffins menu and more, must try their Sat and Sunday Brunch.

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