an analysis/of french toast and cafe lift/in haiku for you

dish sixty-seven

cannoli french toast, café

lift, four twenty eight


north thirteenth st., at

thirteenth and noble, visit

café lift dot com, <http://www.café;


please do not venture

to café lift by yourself

if you be ladies


the neighborhood is

somewhat scary; adjacent

overpass, charming


the working girls are

so sweet you wont ever want

to leave, wide smiles


italian scent

roasting veggies, surprising

not breakfasty smell


french toast fluffy, light

cannoli cream awesome, duh

brioche tears fibrous


chocolate chips, i

cry small tears of joy, pleasure

bananas, splendid

cafe lift french toast/bananas, pistachios/cannoli cream, chips

simone and i eat

silently, type wildly

record perfection


pistachios, no

superfluous, confuséd

mismatched selection


wish café lift best

i will return, with burly

ruggers for defense


lift will satisfy

with large portions of soul food

bodyguards happy


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One Response to “an analysis/of french toast and cafe lift/in haiku for you”

  1. Original Kiwi Corraler Says:

    Delightful and refreshing, I LOVE french toast!

    You may want to try Tanka, Mr. Hanson-Harding is now using it as his poetry of choice!

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