Mama Lynch: You forgot that we went to Max Brenner!

Dish 61: Truffled egg toast with fontina cheese, Tria, 12th and Spruce & 18th and Sansom,

Dish 62: Trofie con funghi e patate, L’Oca, 22nd and Fairmount,

Lauren: Hello friends! Mama Lynch visited Philly today to spend some time with her loving children, so we will be writing this article in tandem.

Mama Lynch: Like a tandem bicycle?

Lauren: Precisely.

Mama Lynch: Okay, good.

Lauren: We met at the steps of the Art Museum because I like to watch people run to the top and do the Rocky dance. Then Madre jumped in the Demon Bunny and we were off.

Mama Lynch: I was Robin’s replacement.

L: What? Like Batman? Okay, fine. We were initially going to go to Ladder 15 for lunch to try the new menu, but couldn’t find parking.

ML: So we went to…?

L: Tria. And you made this horrible face!

Loqi and Mama outside Tria

ML: But it was delicious! The garlic-goat cheese-pesto bruschetta was my favorite—I liked how the basil was chopped so fine, it didn’t get stuck in your teeth. The egg on the square thing was… scary.

L: The truffled egg toast with fontina.

The Spread!

ML: I just didn’t like it looking at me. And the salad with the pignoli nuts and the figs was like being in Napa Valley and getting to eat the figs straight out of the crate! It was perfect. The best part was being forgotten by the waitstaff.

L: Oh, definitely. What a gorgeous day. What a surprise to see Krista! It’s been years.

ML: Yes, that was a great surprise. And I loved the prices. They were so low you didn’t mind sampling a couple of things.

L: So then we wandered around Rittenhouse Square a little and I dragged her into Capogiro.

Capogiro-- pistachio and mango, mmm!

ML: We got that far? Did you say that we zigzagged through Philly? I don’t know how big the place is, but we did it all.

L: Penn’s Landing was lovely today.

ML: The duck boats were really cool. I want to drive one.

L: It is a lot of fun. They let us do that on a field trip to Boston once.

ML: One of my favorite parts was the squares, how, if you don’t know the city, you’re wandering around and this little oasis pops up, and you get to see all these people relaxing and talking, and it’s even better when there are sculptures of lions.

Lion Sculpture in Rittenhouse Square

L: I agree.

ML: It was a restaurant-architecture tour. So we went in for our chocolate fix.

L: That was Garces Trading Co. That came later. But, the chocolate bouchon was amazing!

ML: Dense and delicious! The chocolate biscotti was one of the best I have ever had. Crunchy and the nuts tasted very fresh.

L: I loved the chunks of Valrhona in the bouchon.

Pastry counter at Garces Trading Co-- GLORIOUS!

Brian: The root beer was an excellent vintage.

L: Then we wandered back to the museum.

ML: I think I’m actually tired.

L: I didn’t know that was possible!

ML: So where did we go for dinner? Oh, L’Oca! Brian ate wild boar and veal! Brian, comments on your hunting expedition? The menu had a lot of odd meat choices.

B: Tasty.


ML: We had an early dinner, and that five o’clock sun streaming through the window… Good tired. Very relaxing. People should bring wine. We forgot.

L: It’s okay, it was still wonderful. Your toma ravioli was…

ML: One of the best I have ever had. There was barely any sauce on it, so you could really taste it. The sage, butter, and walnut sauce was—just enough to let the ravioli shine through. And yours?

L: The trofie con funghi e patate? Remember when it came out?

–everyone laughs—

ML: I can’t believe you thought the cheese was…

L: The sauce? But it looked just like—it looked like… –whispers—snot! It was much better after it had cooled off a little, then you could appreciate how finely the mushrooms were cooked and the milder flavors in the cheese. Subtle and peppery.

Trofie with mushrooms and toma cheese

ML: I’m going to get my laptop from the car. –disappears—

L: We really covered a lot of ground today. We wouldn’t have to do this if she visited more often.

–reappears with a bag of groceries–

L: When did you go grocery shopping?

ML: Did you have fun?

B: Mom, stop tickling my feet.

L: Okay, I think we’re going to call it a night. Are those snow peas?

ML: –laughs to herself—We did good.

L: That doesn’t explain how you got snow peas to survive twelve hours in a hot car.

ML: We sound like we had too much coffee.

L: I’m cutting us off. Nighty night everyone.

ML: Night night!


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