Congratulations EcoTerra!

Congratulations to EcoTerra development team!

My teammates –Jess Ramey, Jeremy Lynch, and Steve Borzillo—and I worked endless hours this past week to design and analyze a LEED Gold and Platinum mixed-use development in Tysons Corner, Virginia; we presented our concept to two panels of judges selected by the Villanova School of Business, and placed 3rd of 10 teams who traveled from schools all over the east coast to compete.

We never could have done it without the support and cheerleading of our coach, Jim Vesey. Tim Hoffman and Shawn Howton spent months putting together a deliciously challenging case and a fantastic week of events, and the backing of Dan DiLella, the founder of Villanova’s Real Estate school, and other sponsors made it all possible.

Thanks again to my teammates, I am so proud of our work and loved getting to know you—guys.

Here is the link to Natalie Kostelni’s initial writeup of the event:


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One Response to “Congratulations EcoTerra!”

  1. Original Kiwi Corraler Says:

    Kudos and a kiwi cheer to your team. Looks like the four of you should start your own real estate development group in the future.

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