Internly Duties: Ordering Buddakan and Commandeering the Conference Room

Dishes 47 and 48: Char Grilled Dry Aged Beef and Carrot Cake at Buddakan, 3rd and Chestnut,

Let it never be said that interns are anything but clever, industrious folk who have only the best interests of their firms at heart. Why, today, I finished my regular duties and developed a sneaky solution to a little problem we had before I ever picked up the phone to order Buddakan and take over the conference room to watch Nova beat Robert Morris.

The steak, medium rare, was impossibly lean and tender, and even better with the brown butter sauce and the horseradish dressing. The horseradish dressing was perfect on the salad of mixed greens and raw onions. The shoestring fries are like the worst of Scottie Reynolds’s buzzer beaters—they look good, they taste good, but they just won’t go in. The fries are thin and crispy all the way through and stunningly presented in a birds nest, but when you grab a tangle, they either break into little pieces or won’t fit gracefully in your mouth. One of the guys in the office didn’t believe my analysis, so he tried them himself with better luck. But he’s got a big mouth. Just saying.

Megan chose the bento box, with edamame ravioli, miso soup, and sesame crusted tuna, rare. She liked the ravioli and the tuna but found the soup to have a saline content comparable to the Dead Sea.

Neither of us was wild about the carrot cake—we liked the mango drizzle and pieces, and the Christmasy spice of the cake, but—I’m so sorry, it’s just one of those unfortunate mental connections—but they used to serve a cake just like it in the Spit, the freshman dining hall. I know Dining Services used mix, that’s why theirs wasn’t chunky—but why would the Powers That Be at Buddakan make the same choice? The hunks of pineapple and raisins and walnuts are the best part! And cream cheese frosting is already one of the three perfect substances on Earth! (Coffee and elasticized cotton occupy the #1 and #3 spots.) Why would you change that to some unrecognizable slick gelatin? I was just so disappointed.

For a really great piece of carrot cake, you have a couple of options. One, beg my mom for her recipe. Two, Dean and Deluca. I’ll work on finding some good options in the area. Carrot cake is an important staple in an intern’s diet.

So, as usual, Scottie and the boys had to make us sweat before they took the reins and won in overtime. And the dishes did the same. Like the game, lunch started strong with an amazing steak, an easy couple of shots. Then we hit the mental block. It took most of the game to overcome the association of a light spice cake with another particular spice cake served on Styrofoam plates, but with less than a minute left in overtime, we did it. I was feelin’ it. It’s not what I’m used to or was expecting, but I could dig it. Next time, however, Scottie, I’m hoping for an easier win.


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