Guest Entry from the “Icky Food Correspondent”, Jeffers

Jeffers has kindly agreed to provide a writeup of the dishes that include ingredients I do not eat, namely, lamb, veal, and foie gras. Here are his comments on the lamb shoulder from Zahav.

Lamb Shoulder at Zahav, 237 St. James Place,

There are a few powerful phrases that catch my attention when it comes to food.  When I asked how the Lamb Shoulder was prepared my Israeli waiter, Elon, eloquently responded with: “Well, it is slow roasted for seventy two hours,”  I quickly interjected, “STOP, you’ve sold me!”  To lesser importance it was served with chickpeas, rice and a pomegranate lamb jus.  In this case, seventy two hours of slow roasting was one of those powerful phrases.   It only seemed proper to order something that has had a seventy two hour journey only to be consumed by me.

After gladly gorging my way through the first three courses, including one that featured duck heart, which made me feel like the guy who ripped human hearts out in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, I was ready for the final course – the lamb shoulder.  Despite being satisfyingly full already, I eagerly trudged on.  Elon mentioned that no one ever finishes the shoulder, and being that it was one of the largest pieces of meat that I have ever been served, I could see why.  Upon first bite I knew no matter how full I was, the gratification I got from eating the lamb shoulder was well worth the impending food coma.  The lamb was tender, juicy and very flavorful via the meat itself and the pomegranate jus which added a pleasantly sweet taste (it also went great with the rice).

I left with half of the shoulder in a doggy bag and an expression of disappointment that I did not finish it.  However, I had two thoughts of consolation.  First, that I could make a great omelet from the leftover lamb; and it was a great omelet.  Second, that I would be back and that on my second attempt, I would finish the entire shoulder. -Justin Jeffers


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