New Hotspot: Hanging out with Mom & Dad

Indy & fresh-pressed Demon Bunny with his winter tires

Chilling with Mom & Dad, (undisclosed location in North Jersey), <;

Busy weekend so far, keeping up with Mom and Dad. Yesterday Mom and I embarked on her goal to walk the entire length of Fifth Avenue; we started at 60th and walked down to 30th, with a quick pit stop at Connolly’s, on 47th between 5th and Madison (three other locations as well,, and at Dylan’s Candy Bar, on 60th and 3rd ( We always go to Connolly’s on St. Patrick’s Day amidst the revelers (Brian at 13 years old: “Mom, there were guys peeing in the sink!”). We had the lobster clam chowder, a creamy, addictive interpretation that brings to mind a fine tomato basil soup, and the smoked salmon potato pancakes, which piled the salmon generously on some deep fried heaps of mashed potato. Delicious. We couldn’t resist braving the throngs of preschoolers to fight for some green M&M’s at Dylan’s after dinner.

Today, Dad and I took on the filthy Demon Bunny and brought it back to life; we clayed the car, then he polished and I followed with Black Magic wax. Six man-hours of labor later, DB was restored to its former glory, and we discussed strategic modifications to keep it in top shape for the upcoming autocross season without bumping ourselves into the next more competitive class.

Meanwhile, Mom and Indy took on the recipe for vegan Mac N Cheese that Kate sent me earlier in the week; an inventive take on the traditional dish that successfully re-creates the unholy yellow tinge of Kraft’s classic, vegan Mac combines vegetable broth, nutritional yeast, and turmeric with a box of macaroni with mixed results. We plan to re-attempt the recipe in the near future, with the addition of avocado, for creaminess that might better mimic cheese, garlic, for taste, and peas, to break up the monotony of fluorescent noodles.

I tried to give Indy a bath earlier in the day, but his scabs from surgery are still a little too fresh. He is off the hook for now, and is currently out cold at my feet, from all the excitement of the day. In about a half hour, I will be in the same boat; whoever said Boomers were starting to slow down was clearly mistaken.


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One Response to “New Hotspot: Hanging out with Mom & Dad”

  1. Mom Says:

    Did not know that our travels would be recorded, next time I will have to step it up a notch, I thought that we were have a laid back weekend!

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