Wednesdays just aren’t Wednesdays without Flips and your Best Buds

Flip and Baileys, 900 Conestoga Rd., Rosemont, next to Garrett Hill Pizza,

Wednesday night means burgers at Flips. My friends and I have been going there since—since—uh, let’s not incriminate the innocent. We’ve been going there for a while.

Sometimes I have a hard time eating meat (“You’re going to eat it this week, Lauren, or you only want the bun?”—Walt, the bartender) but when I’m feeling it, there is nothing better than those burgers. They’re juicy but not greasy, a little bit smoky, and the tomato is so fresh you can smell it before you smell the fries. Which are AMAZING. They’re long and crispy and chewy in a good way and golden. Conducive both to the “who found the longest fry?” and “who found the biggest stuck-together bunch?”, they are beloved not only by the well-heeled collegiates who frequent Flips but also by parents and desperate babysitters.

On “bun only” weeks I opt for the French onion soup, which is glorious for its onioniness. No sweet Stephen Starr shenanigans here. The onions have bite and the cheese is plentiful. Nachos are also a no-miss, and when you can’t decide between the bunny food and the carnivorous dishes, may I suggest the black and bleu salad, mixed greens with bleu cheese and blackened filet tips, one of the most perfect dishes in the universe when the filet is rare and the greens are chilly.

Other Flips necessities include: your best buds. Pete is an absolute requisite, for commentary and reality checks, plus Hess, Brian, Dan, Brad, Megan, sometimes Jonas, and Linsey when she gets out of class. We typically take over the end and part of the side of the bar; this will allow you to converse with Pete and sometimes Dan and still have the line of sight to occasionally harass Hess and Linsey in between bites; this vantage point will also afford you a good view when Walt teases Megan for getting drunk, before she’s taken a sip of her beer, and when he makes raspberries when she tries to put ketchup on her burger.

We almost never miss a Wednesday, not even on Ash Wednesday, when we all looked plaintively at the menu, trying to figure out if chicken counts as meat. (It does.) Burgers or no burgers, Wednesdays just aren’t Wednesday without Flip and Baileys with your best buddies.


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