Your Devoted Blogger, Posting from a Rest Stop on Route 80

Why are five college students in the wilderness of PA in the middle of winter? And what do they do?

Hess, Linsey, Caitlin, Brad, and I were all set to go camping for spring break. We went to Wal-Mart, split into a red team and a blue team, and raced to see who could assemble their goods fastest. (TEAM RED!) We had sleeping bags, tents, and instant coffee. We were ready. Then Caitlin went and told her parents that she might be incommunicado for a little while, and they intervened in our “insanity”. (My mom accepted defeat in a similar attempt.) Caitlin’s parents offered us their beautiful cabin on a lake somewhere in north central PA.

It’s a picturesque wood cabin with a wood burning stove, and we haven’t managed to burn it down yet. We played about sixty rounds of Apples to Apples last night, which always comes down to a head to head tie between me and Brad; we each had 23.5 wins at the end of the round, and the tiebreaker round only succeeded in tying us at 25 each. The battle rages on.

This morning we had a pajama party and made bacon pancake tacos, which are among the fanciest breakfast foods available to college students. Here you go, the recipe for the elusive bacon taco:

1 lb. bacon.

1.5 recipes Bisquick pancakes, consult box


3 Eggs

Mrs. Butterworth

Cook bacon. Pour out most of the bacon fat. (You may want to alternate round of pancakes and bacon so that the most bacon grease gets on the pancakes.) Cook pancakes. Take one pancake, add a squiggle of Mrs. Butterworth, and add bacon. Fold over and eat. Serves approximately 5.

Best served with hot choco-latte, as follows:

Mug of water, microwaved until favorably steamy

Spoonful of Swiss Miss

1.5 Spoonfuls instant Folgers

Stir. Savor.

So what are we going to do today to entertain ourselves? I think the question is what AREN’T we going to do? First, techno dance party. Then, N64. Then shower. Then, apply socks that have been gently seared by the wood burning stove. Then we might set something on fire; then we might tramp down to the lake and take a swim. And now, we are going to play in the snow! We have saucers and the snow is perfect for making a snow person, maybe a snow Al Roker? I don’t know. It could be fun.


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2 Responses to “Your Devoted Blogger, Posting from a Rest Stop on Route 80”

  1. Chandani Says:

    this reminds me of a scene from some scary movie…make sure u have a rifle on hand and lock the doors. k thanks see u soon ❤

  2. Caitlin K Says:

    Your poor seared socks… That wood stove is an unforgiving one.

    In other news, my parents greatly appreciate the Guinness. They have informed me that they will readily accept rent in alcohol form in the future (they’re Irish and easy to please). Thus, an open invitation stands for us to invade the cabin again when it’s warm outside.

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