Scoop de Ville: Like It’s Inspiration, Better Appreciated by a Connoisseur

Dish 36: Vanilla Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups and Oreos, Scoop de Ville, 18th and Chestnut

Philly Mag, for the love of God, mix it up! Today’s assignment was vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and Oreos at Scoop de Ville. And it was good. Duh. But it was VANILLA ICE CREAM WITH REESE’S AND OREOS. Come on now!

I spent a summer working at Coldstone and I would get so frustrated with the people who thought they were being smart, making up their own mixes. It was a type, you could spot them walking in. They’re all like, I’m going to be the one who beats the system. And what do they get? Vanilla with Oreos. Vanilla with Snickers. Vanilla with Snickers and Oreos and Reese’s.

First off, and I know this is a tangent, but you deserve to know, vanilla is the worst flavor at Coldstone. I’ve had them all, many times. Trust me, you don’t want vanilla. (Or mint, for that matter.) It doesn’t have the integration of flavors or the complete mouthfeel of the other flavors. Get the lemon sorbet, the cinnamon, the sweet cream, the peppermint dark chocolate—get anything, just not the vanilla.

You want a good mix? I was the official mix master my summer, the inventor of new and kick-ass mixes. Chocoholic? Try the Ghiradelli chocolate (not the dark chocolate; it’s darkest in color but not in depth of flavor) with brownie, dark chocolate shavings, and some raspberries for lightness. Prefer something creamy and sweet? Try cake batter with graham crackers, cinnamon, and caramel. Too heavy? Go to Saxby’s and get pineapple and chocolate chips on top. It’s good.

But it nearly killed me to order this $4.50 pseudo-McFlurry. If you’re going to get candy, get Butterfinger; it’s the best candy topping for ice cream because of the light flaky texture and the bazooka punch of peanut butter awesomeness.

And if you are going to someplace like Scoop de Ville or Coldstone, take the advice of the staff. There is a possibility you are more educated academically, but it is unlikely you are more educated in terms of ice cream. Coldstone’s signature blends are all much tastier and complex than the average visitor can think up in their 30 seconds in front of the freezer. So stand back and let the professionals do their job. And I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, what the hell are you so afraid of? It’s ice cream! This is supposed to be fun! Put hot sauce on it! Why not?

So, I apologize for the tirade, it is clearly not directly towards my super-savvy readers but towards the uneducated ice cream newbs at Philly Mag. And now I will get off my soap box to go buy some frozen treats that will sing to my palate. Good afternoon.


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2 Responses to “Scoop de Ville: Like It’s Inspiration, Better Appreciated by a Connoisseur”

  1. Chandani Says:

    “the uneducated ice cream newbs at Philly Mag.”


  2. Lee Says:


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