Perfectly Marvelous: Lunch with Karen Rogers of 6ABC

Dish 33: Tuna Sundae at Blue Fin , 1017 E. Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting

I love Cabaret. If you haven’t seen it, you really should, onstage or one of the film productions, Broadway or off Broadway, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great show. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times, from when I wardrobe managed the run at Villanova last spring. Cliff’s “charming American voice” only gets a piece in one song—Perfectly Marvelous.

So I just returned from a perfectly marvelous lunch with Karen Rogers of 6ABC, Dani, and Jeffers, which is thrilling for three reasons, 1- because Dani just got back from vacation with her family and I missed her tremendously! 2- because Dani and Jeffers have never met, and, most notably, 3- because Karen is a very cool lady. I was really impressed to find out that she is a mother of three, and works at night to make time for her kids during the day. Moms amaze me. They give up a lot for us. Hopefully her children give her less trouble than I gave my parents! (Sorry about setting the toaster on fire… six times.)

We took over Blue Fin in Plymouth Meeting, to try out the tuna sundae. I was a little apprehensive at first—there is a lot of raw fish, and you just have to go for it—but that fear is exactly what makes this dish so spectacular. I think the average patron would have been as intimidated as I was, but one taste will erase any memory of that fear, and any fear of sushi you may harbor. It is served in a martini glass, with cubed avocado at the bottom, topped with strips of raw tuna, a creamy sauce, salty orange roe, tart green roe, sweet red roe, and a gooseberry. (The gooseberry appears again! There was one on the Matilde at Le Bec-Fin as well. They are delightfully preposterous little things. Like God was messing around one afternoon and said, “Peter, I’m feeling whimsical. Let’s play a word association game. I’ll go first. ‘Goose’. Ah, berry, you say? Hmm, that could be fun.”)

Jeffers suggested we try the rock shrimp tempura sundae as well, to compare to Morimoto’s interpretation, and it proved an interesting study. It was a little less perfect, less ethereal—the shrimp were closer to shrimp I’ve had in the past and the tempura was more aggressively crunchy and thicker than at Morimoto. It was still beautiful and delicious, and a must-get if you visit Blue Fin.

So if you are looking for a perfectly marvelous lunch or dinner at a perfectly wonderful place, I know where you will find me the next time I am craving sushi and have a night off from my highly agreeable mission. You may also want to bring some of your charming American friends, and don’t miss the fried bananas for dessert.


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2 Responses to “Perfectly Marvelous: Lunch with Karen Rogers of 6ABC”

  1. Chandani (Dani) Says:


    I was impressed with your fearlessness with the amount of raw tuna in that martini glass! It looks so delicious (with the sauce and avocados)! Sad day for me being a vegetarian. Maybe in my next life and going through the cycle of rebirth (samsara), I’ll be born into another religion and embark on a carnivorous quest..but until then,

    I’ll just sit here and happily read your blogs to taste the dishes 🙂

    • loqiii Says:

      Awwwww. I felt really guilty that you could not partake. I also hope for a carnivorous rebirth for you, and a vegetarian rebirth for me, so that the universe would still be balanced. ❤ loqi

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