Captain’s Log, Day 31: Eat More Delicious Food (No, not again!)

Dish 28ish: Frozen Yogurt with Toasted Hazelnuts and Dulce de Leche at Yogorino, 20th and Locust,

Today marks the first full month of this experiment, and at 27.5 dishes in, I am right on schedule. The challenge is getting both easier and harder, as I have more support but also more pressure to succeed; at the same time I understand the challenge is not the end but the means, and that there isn’t any reason to go and get stressed about something that’s supposed to be fun. And it is fun. How could eating out every day NOT be fun?

Before I get caught up describing the simple lactose magnificence of Yogorino, I’d like to toast Mom, Dad, Aunt Kath, the women I work with—Rebecca, Jessica, Megan, Sarah, and Kate, my friends, especially Dani, my new friends at Philly Mag, my soon-to-be friends at ABC, and my brother Brian, for spinning the caffeinated web (Never read the study about caffeinated spiders? You are missing out. First, watch this clip: Then, check out this more serious pictorial study: Now you know. And some well-respected doctors who will remain nameless use that as evidence for the safety of marijuana.)—as I was saying, the caffeinated web that holds me up in between the many branches of life. Slainte!

I was very excited for Yogorino, for several reasons. First, frozen yogurt haunts my dreams. The icier, the better. I spent a summer decorating cakes for Coldstone, and, when I think of that summer, my mouth waters for a small tart and tangy plain yogurt with dark chocolate flakes and raspberry sauce. Second, the amazing nut based sauces that Yogorino has. When Yogo Mango, a Korean-run cousin of Yogorino, moved to my town senior year of high school, they had the most unforgettable walnut and almond sauces. If you ask for them nowadays, the girls behind the counter will pretend they’ve never had them. It’s not true. I’m not smart enough to make up something like that.

Third and most sneaky reason, Jeffers visited Yogorino several days ago, and the toasted hazelnuts and dulche de leche were missing in action. And you know what that means—he has to go back. Secretly I was hoping that I would have the same luck.

I bolted out of the office early hoping that I could make it to Yogorino and onto my train in a half hour. (I did. Sorry for ruining the suspense. I just didn’t want Mom to worry. Hi Mom! Don’t worry, I made the train.) As hoped, the hazelnuts and dulce de leche were absent from the party, but hot hazelnut sauce, with a dry, powdery finish on the tongue, and chocolate rocks, that resembled little fake stones on the sides of Floridian driveways, were in attendance, and a good time was had by all. The yogurt is a little creamy for my palate, I prefer a stronger punch with less of an ice cream feel, but it was inarguably, thoroughly awesome. I can’t wait to go back. And I’m sort of hoping that the hazelnuts and dulce de leche will prove as elusive on my next visit.


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