Grudge Match: Snow White

Running a business—life in general—is about added value. We tend to do things that do good for us, whether that something is eating breakfast (for energy), going to work (for money and hopefully fulfillment), or having coffee with an old friend (friendship and happiness). And for these questions of added value, today’s dish was a grudge match with Snow White.

A reader commented on my post about the egg salad sandwich, saying that she liked it and wasn’t I amazed that they make each one fresh. And I did like it, but my inner business major kept calling out that the time it took the lady to painstakingly smush the egg salad was inefficient, that the mix would have be fine made that morning, that they should have tried to sell me on lettuce, tomato, and a soda, that salt and pepper should have been sprinkled on the mix—that there was nothing special about the sandwich, nothing I couldn’t do at home in my pajamas. So today I did.

I woke up today ready for action. I boiled some eggs, cooled them off, and then assembled my ingredients on the counter: 2 slices whole wheat bread, light. Two eggs, whole. One jar mustard, Killian’s flavor. I toasted the bread, cut up the egg, mixed in the mustard (added a dash of salt), and voila, egg salad sandwich. In my pajamas. As tasty as the one at Snow White. Except cheaper, quicker (my mixing arm is a little more aggressive than the lady behind the counter), and made in my pajamas, which, being 21, is a big selling point.

So the verdict has changed. There may be egg salad sandwiches in my future, but they will be made at home—and in the future, with only one yolk. All that cholesterol can’t be good for me.


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