Mountaineering to Haverford: A Tale of Earning a Burger

Brian, nestled between symbols of my quest and today's quest- Philly Mag and "We Deliver", respectively.

Dish 25: Prime Steak Burger at Du Jour, Lancaster Ave by Jos. A. Bank in Haverford,

I leapt out of bed this morning to find that I had the sniffles. Which can only mean one thing: Today, is a good day to scrub the bathroom! (You know you’re becoming your mom when…except she could do it without two cups of coffee.) Then Brian and I headed out in search of food (read: Du Jour prime burger) and to dig the Demon  Bunny out of the parking lot at Vertex Fitness, where we had to leave it two nights ago when it stalled on the hill on Merion Ave.

Good news, the burger was incredible and we had fun playing in the snow. Bad news, Merion Ave is still under two inches of white stuff, and Demon Bunny has been plowed in. However, Vertex is allowing Bunny to occupy the handicapped spot indefinitely, and gave us some free sessions with a personal trainer. (Are the celebratory cupcakes starting to show?) So it’s all good.

We hiked through knee deep snow, climbed the taller snowbanks that had iced internally, and pretended to be a car when we had to walk on the road. (No worries, we obeyed all traffic laws, used our turn signals, and didn’t speed at any point.) And when we reached Haverford, a mile and a half away, we found out that Du Jour delivers. It’s okay. We earned our burger.

And Du Jour earned its spot on the list of 239. The burger is smoky and meaty, the bun soft, the onions out-of this-world—they’re tangy and sweet but still have a bite, which I always look for in a cooked onion. Onions that are only sweet can get boring. These were glorious. And the fries! Oh, I would write a thousand sonnets for fries this crispy and golden. They are in the top 3 best fries I have ever had—the other two, at Flip and Bailey’s, and Village Whiskey. And it gets better—Du Jour has a location on 22nd and Market, which means they are close to home and close to work! Yes!

Brian and I have some movies to watch and hot chocolate to drink now—feel free to stop by if you are in the neighborhood, we still have plenty of cupcakes, and Happy Snow Day!


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2 Responses to “Mountaineering to Haverford: A Tale of Earning a Burger”

  1. Dan Says:

    Thanks for mentioning the fries at Flips. I personally think our burger is excellent as well, but I am obviously biased. If you want to try it, I’d recommend coming on a Wednesday for the $5 Burger and fries deal (Shameless Self-promotion).

    I’m looking forward to trying the Du Jour burger, Keep up the good work!

    • loqiii Says:

      Hi Dan! The Flips burger is excellent, and I have one nearly every Wednesday– to be honest, I could go on for hours about how much I love Flips, and I have had to edit out my own shameless commercials on several occasions. I assure you that the Black and Bleu salad will be making an appearance, and probably also the onion soup, which I think smokes Stephen Starr’s version without breaking a sweat. And who can argue with the friendliest service and the best crowd on the Main Line?

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