The More That Goes Wrong, the More You Realize It Will Be All Right

Link to Interview with Philly Mag’s Justin Pahl:

Dish 23: Stuffed Hash Brown at Butcher & Singer, 15th and Walnut,

I made a glorious discovery today in Derivatives—er, at a local coffee shop, when I noticed that Jeffers was flipping through the websites of Philly restaurants. I shamelessly scribbled my blog’s address on a napkin and passed it to him, and after class—after I finished my biscotti, we launched into a rapid and strategic discussion of the 239 dishes. Turns out he is trying them all too. Which made me realize that no matter how big or small your endeavors may be, you are never alone.

Yesterday was very frustrating; I didn’t allow enough time for lunch and ended up missing my train back to Nova (don’t worry, Mom, I miraculously made all of my classes), my laptop had six viruses, and the weight of interning and a full courseload and having fun just seemed overwhelming. Something had to give. I started ranting to Brian about how I was going to stop wearing clothes so I wouldn’t have to do laundry, when he stopped me and reminded me that there are two of us. And we can help each other.

And help is exactly what you’ll need if you order the stuffed hash brown—or anything—at Butcher & Singer. I love Butcher & Singer, because it fulfills my lifelong fantasy of becoming an actor in the cast of Casablanca, and because Colleen, CJ, and I went to B&S last summer, and I have warm memories of our obsessively punctual luncheons.

The moment I saw the hash brown I knew it was the wrong dish to attempt alone. The hash brown is the size of a dinner plate and about two and a half fingers thick, heavy on the shredded potato—it has to be five or six potatoes total—sour cream, and chives; beautifully simple, and absolutely divine with a little cracked pepper. So it’s quite a relief that Jeffers is climbing this mountain as well. (Or should I be concerned that my friends exhibit the same symptoms of insanity?) Because if the size of these dishes keeps up, I’m going to need a little help.


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