Effect of Endorphins on Pork Dumpling Consumption and Sibling Mischief

Dish 22: Dumplings at Margaret Kuo’s, multiple locations including in Wayne, on Lancaster, next to Cream & Sugar, http://www.margaretkuos.com/

A word to the wise: If you intend to take-out from Margaret Kuo’s, you live 20 minutes or more away, and you intend on getting it on your way home from the gym, order extra.

Brian loves pork dumplings, so I ordered the pork dumplings and the spinach and seafood dumplings, so there would be enough for the two of us and we’d get a sampling. And then I figured that I might as well just try one while they were still hot, right? It doesn’t hurt to take a bite in the car sometimes, if you don’t make it a habit. And then I thought that I really should try a bite of each kind, or it wouldn’t really be fair to each flavor. And before I knew it, my evilly ravenous post-gym alter ego had gobbled down her entire portion of the dumplings, and was contemplating whether Brian would be bothered by a tiny set of bite marks on his portion. I thought endorphins made you happy?! They make me happy and EVIL!

So clearly the dumplings are good. Brian and I agreed that they were a strong example of the genre but exceptional in neither taste nor representation of Chinese food as a whole. The casing was more tender and less chewy than I have had, which was lovely, but the fillings were less than complex in flavor. The pork was very standard, smoky, oily, not excessively chewy like some can be, but also not stellar; the spinach seafood had a little more layering of flavor but was a bit bland, like a spinach omelet that’s too light on the red pepper flakes.

I would consider ordering M.K.’s again if local superstar Yangming wasn’t right around the corner—and if you’d like to know what’s good at Yangming, hold the menu open, close your eyes, wave your finger in a circle, and bring it down on the paper. It is one of the few fully idiotproofed menus in existence, a quality which has launched it to immense popularity in this area, and for good reason. Also enjoyable at Yangming: watching the Main Line grayhairs enjoying a classy night on the town.


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