Biscuit’s Pick: Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites

Biscuit’s Pick: Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites, Girl Scouts of America,

SNOW DAY! Biscuit and I went for a walk to the video store to get some research my next role on a new VTV program. (Remember that story about needing a new hobby? And how that particular hobby just ended?) We trekked through knee deep snow, frolicked when appropriate, and put the infamous Panda Hat to its intended use. No snow angels—we didn’t want to drown!

Biscuit and I harbor shared loves for fast cars, carbohydrates, and studying far more than is healthy. (I nixed the last one after I left the engineering school junior year. Now I study as much as necessary, but no more. As Julia Child said, Everything in moderation.)

We do talk about serious things, but we love being ridiculous best. Greatest hits include: the short shorts party of Labor Day weekend 2006, that was interrupted by a fire drill; stealing ingredients from the Pit so that we could make Rice Krispie treats (Do you know how many pats of butter make a half cup? We do.); working for Lady J at the costume shop; circumventing certain friends who were hell-bent on committing a certain “victimless” misdemeanor behind the Kennedy Center, around Connolly, up three stories in Bartley, back down THROUGH THE QUAD and OH GOD, HERE COMES PUBLIC SAFETY!; and the latest, running the Cliff Walk in Newport in a two-degree wind chill. We are tough cookies who like to have fun.

On the topic of cookies who like to have fun, we got in from our walk today and were starving, so we dug into the Girl Scout cookies in the fridge. Brian got some Thin Mints from the Kappa Deltas, and I bought out a little girl’s stash of Caramel DeLites earlier in the week. As Biscuit and I made plans for tonight—today is the 100 Days Until Graduation Party, very big deal—we munched on the cookies that always bring me back to being a Brownie scout and having Keebler cookies and apple juice with the other girls in the All Purpose Room in our grammar school, and the silly things we used to do, like the time Lauren P. and I tried to make a flower drying business by stuffing flowers into all of my mom’s cookbooks. Our business was unsuccessful—we didn’t understand revenue streams back then.

It’s a relief to figure out that you don’t grow out of being ridiculous. (Case in Point: my mom’s brothers. Show no signs of aging past college, save for the occasional gray hair.) And now that we DO understand revenue streams, we can be MORE ridiculous because we have greater funds. So, thank you, Girl Scouts, for teaching me about money, friends, and cookies. Or Biscuits. Whatever you want to call them.


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One Response to “Biscuit’s Pick: Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites”

  1. Tilly Says:

    mmm cookies 🙂

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