The Shoes Make the Man: An Appeal for Espadrilles and Egg Salad Sandwiches

Dish Eighteen: Egg Salad Sandwich at Snow White, 19th and Chestnut

The shoes make the man. (Or woman.) A great shoe elongates the leg, straightens your posture, even makes your feet look smaller and more dainty. A well-proportioned pump can take jeans from class to a night out. An espadrille can evoke images of Jackie Onassis while putting the final polish on a linen romper. And at the same time, a well-thought-out and otherwise attractive outfit can be wrecked by a poor shoe selection. Think of the girls—and grown women—who wear flip flops with sundresses in the summer. Why bother? Why bother spending the money on the dress if you intend to flail around in rubber flip flops?

So you might imagine how a person who likes her details ironed out felt when she ordered an egg sandwich at Snow White and received, literally, 2 eggs, mashed up with some mustard, on whole wheat toast. Yes, it’s a lunch counter, no, I did not expect the moon and the stars, but I was hoping for—I don’t know, some lettuce. Or a slice of tomato, some chopped onion. Salt and pepper. Stuff that McDonald’s puts on their hamburgers. I was unaware that these were extras.

I love a bargain as much as the next college student, except for maybe Colleen, who has a preternatural ability to find free goodies that borders on obsession. But I’ll happily pay an extra dollar if it means I get to eat an entire sandwich, especially when it only costs $2.75 to begin.

My mom was asking about the Dover Sole from Savona last night, if it was worth it. Every penny, I said to her. It wasn’t just the sole. It was the rising action of reading every dish on the casual menu, re-reading the formal menu twice, the song and the dance of the valet, the hostess, the waiter, the sommelier, and, at very last, finally, the perfect dish. It was everything together. I want to pay $55 for the fish, because I want the entire package. The fish alone was excellent; the packaging propelled it into the stratosphere. So, yes, the egg salad was good, creamy, fresh, and the mustard was a refreshing change from mayo. But I expect some lettuce, and tomato and onion, and a glass of water, please. Maybe a smile from the staff. I’ll pay for it, that’s fine. I’m willing to thank those in the world who take the time to match a beautiful pair of espadrilles to their linen rompers.


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2 Responses to “The Shoes Make the Man: An Appeal for Espadrilles and Egg Salad Sandwiches”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I have the egg salad sandwich at snow white all the time. And the very sweet waitresses always ask me if I want chopped onion, or pickle relish, or even tuna fish mixed in with the egg salad. And they always try to sell me on the lettuce tomato, which I decline because I think that they add nothing to either to taste or texture of the sandwich. I’m very surprised by your description. And I’m also surprised that you don’t think it’s amazing that they make each and every egg salad to order, fresh! How many other places do that?

    • loqiii Says:

      Hi Mimi! Yes, I do think it’s really cool that they make the sandwich to order. I think what bothered me was that I could have made it myself– do you know what I mean? The reason I go out, aside from socializing, is to get something that isn’t already in my fridge, or that I’m incapable of making properly.

      I have an idea. This week I will attempt to make an egg salad sandwich this week out of the eggs, mustard and bread in my fridge, and if I can’t equal or outperform Snow White, I will formally retract my negative statements. Perhaps they have secrets hidden in their mustard that I don’t know about. Game on.

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