Lunch with the Mavens: Celebrating New Beginnings

For the second time in my life, I am part of an all-female workforce. Sure, we share our office with a male-dominated company, but we have our own separate culture and I like to think that it features Girl Power. So when Kate, Sarah, and I sat down at Village Whiskey today, I couldn’t help but notice that, in this bar where every stool was taken and every booth filled—we were the only women. Naturally, this had no effect on our good time.

I love starting at a new job because there are endless possibilities. You haven’t locked in a routine yet, and everything is new, interesting and fresh. This summer, the attorney I worked for asked me to read a pile of leases and then asked me how I liked it. I loved it! I had so much fun! She raised an eyebrow and informed me that clearly I had not been doing what I was told to do and that I should get back to work.

There are the new people to meet, with brains to pick that you haven’t ever seen before, new norms to get used to, new tasks that will someday seem mundane. But not today. Today, Village Whiskey, and Sarah and Kate, were all still pretty new to me.

Dish Thirteen: Short Rib and Cheddar Fries at Village Whiskey, 20th and Sansom,

I love Village Whiskey’s little square white tiles, intimate booths, worn mirrors, and eclectic music. The menu was interesting, soul food with a twist. The fries would have been incredible on their own, fried long for a deep crunchy crisp, but the heaps of tender, flavorful meat and melted cheddar put them over the edge. I couldn’t help myself from finishing almost a third of the plate (why does the gym close early on Fridays, cruel world?) before begging my comrades for help. Kate had the pickled beets, which were sweet and tangy, with a salty, complex olive tapenade, and Sarah’s burger with egg, while slippery and difficult to eat, was well worth the effort, with a tart, vinegary undertone that was really pleasant. It was the perfect warm, filling lunch for a Friday afternoon to celebrate new beginnings.


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