An Ode to His Highness the Half-Poodle

Please excuse the interruption to your regularly schedule program with this brief declaration of love. (‘Tis the season, after all.)

Dish Thirteen Pt. 2: 20 pounds of fluff with a chocolate chip nose and 2 chocolate chip eyes at Chez Huit-Trente, undisclosed location on the Main Line, <;

It is 9:41 am on January 30, 2010, and I wonder why I am about to get in a car with Colleen, drive to Bensalem, and jump into freezing water. But I asked Indy, and he said it was a good idea, so I’m going to stick with it.

Indy is my yes-man. Last night, when I asked him if we should watch old episodes of 30 Rock on Hulu, he said yes. When I suggested we take a walk, he agreed. And all I have to pay for his endless wisdom is a couple of flakes of Special K during breakfast. A small price to pay for 70 dog-years of good decisions.

Indy is our family cockapoo and the reason that I will never eat lamb. (Not THE reason, but definitely a secondary reason.) Indy has been around even longer than Dani, a friendship so long that we measure it by “remember when you were terrified of Indy?” She explains it by relating a traumatic experience with a dog as a child. I understand, but I’m not certain that he falls into the “dog” category—he is a dog-sheep-life coach-pillow.

Indy and I get along because we’re both very stubborn and independent, and we both enjoy cleaning (his favorites include picking up bits on the floor and taking out the bathroom trash, while I prefer just thinking about it) and basking in sun-patches on the carpet. We both have wavy blonde hair and a mediocre sense of smell. The only clear difference is that I scored a couple of points higher on the SAT. He was doing fine blacking out the circles with pencil smudges on his nose, but the essay section tripped him up.

Brian and I get a little dog-sick at school, so we have Indy on loan for the next week. I’m looking forward to a week of walks, long naps, and good decisions. I also plan to delegate my cleaning duties to him, and have devised a wireless vacuum/feather duster that can be harnessed to him. Okay, that isn’t true. I found his existing operating system to be satisfactory for those tasks and I plan to leave it alone.


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