Trying to Choose: “Anything” at Capogiro

Dish Eight: Anything from Capogiro, multiple locations including 13th & Sansom

The assignment says it all: “Anything”. I literally could not choose. Good thing Dani tried every last option we had… otherwise I might have been a little embarrassed to do the same.

Did I find the perfect one by trying them all? No. You can’t. You know, I was accepted to Villanova as a physics major. My high school teachers had been pushing engineering, but I thought it was too smart for me to handle, and that the other students would be too dorky and I wouldn’t fit in.

Little did I know. Orientation weekend, I met some engineers, and they were really cool, and we got along well. Engineers are just scientists who make things. That concept made sense to me. So I re-declared, and when I started school I was an engineer. With a business minor. That turned into a business major. I had difficulty finishing my solids homework and sleeping in the same semester, and that was the end of that.

I loved engineering, and there are a lot of things I like about finance. Like how the cranberry apple gelato is very tasty, and so is the noisette. And the stracciatella, and the pomegranate. And the tiramisu. Finance and engineering are good, and the other majors? They’re good, too. (Not as creamy as the tiramisu, but then, how many things are?) Philosophy? Loved the course. English? Straight A’s. Ethics? Machiavelli is my boy. That does not fly at Villanova. But I still enjoyed the course.

There must be students who always knew they loved “X”. And I bet they walk into Capogiro and pound their fist on the counter and order a Strawberry! On the double! With walnuts! But I like the tartness of the cranberry-apple and the complexity of the pomegranate (you can taste the seeds. How do they do that?). I always end up having half and half (Cranberry-apple and tiramisu. Like new born puppies frolicking joyfully across my palate.) And I always leave wishing I had tried something else.

Dani was able to settle on a major and be happy. She chose her half pomegranate, half tangerine, and savored each spoonful. What happens to those of us who can’t? Are we doomed to wander from gelateria to gelateria, sampling every flavor until we drive our companions to insanity? When every flavor is a good choice, how can we possibly choose the perfect one?


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