“Jones”ing for more: Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese at Jones

I am a college senior from North Jersey, and while I have always liked Philly, over the past year I have had the opportunity to explore more thanks to interning in Center City. And I have fallen hopelessly in love. So I’ve decided to take Philadelphia Magazine’s “239 Dishes You Must Eat Now” as a direct challenge. I am going to try every dish by midnight December 31, 2010. The purpose of this mission to get to know Philly better, to eat some fantastic food, and to have some great times with my friends.

Conditions: I don’t believe in eating veal or lamb, so the four or five dishes featuring these meats are out. However, for continuity, I plan to visit these restaurants and try whatever is second most delicious.

TODAY’S MISSION: Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese at Jones, 700 Chestnut. http://jones-restaurant.com/

I walked over right after work, during the lunch hour. Jones offers a spectacular array of sodas and edgy fountain drinks (Jungle Punch sounded fantastic, with mango puree, pineapple juice, and ginger ale), but I was hesitant to fill up on soda knowing what was ahead. It was torture to ask for “just water”, but this choice turned out to be a wise one.

During the short wait, I read and soaked up the quietude of being alone in a restaurant. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the unseasonable warmth and sunshine, and then, It Arrived. And It looked just like in the picture; It was breathtaking. The first bite was followed by something my friend Pete would classify as Multiple Mouthgasms. Toasty, buttery, bread that was just slightly sour, sharp white cheddar cheese, salty, basily tomato soup… ineffably delicious. But I couldn’t finish, and nearly welled up when I had to turn down dessert. (Milk chocolate spice ice cream! Made in-house! Why are women born with only one stomach?!)

In all, Dish One = success, and I can’t wait for Dish Two.


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